Our portfolio reflects the results of successful partnerships between our clients and us. A great web site meets the goals, vision and budget requirements of the client. Then it is built with the tools and techniques to create a professional image for the business or organization.

  • Goals:  Web site goals can range from a basic presence, to an on-line store, to an information resource, and more. 
  • Vision: Every client has his or her own unique vision of what they personally like about the look, feel, and function of a web site.
  • Budget: Budget is a practical reality for everyone. Obviously a higher budget allows for more pages, features and details. 

With this in mind, please browse through some examples of our portfolio and read the stories behind them. This is a small sample. In thirteen years we have done over a hundred client web sites. Contact us if you would like to see more, or to discuss the ideal solution for your need.

 Avalanche Sportswear

Avalanche Sportswar
Avalanche is a local family owned business that creates and manufactures some of the highest quality outerwear in the market today, at real prices.

"Next Eon took a leadership role to engineer a multi-vendor solution for our unique e-mail needs. The system works flawlessly now. Thanks!."
     - Dave Rizzo
        Operations Manager

Richie's Slush
For over fifty years Richie's Slush has been a delicious treat, and a tradition for summer fun throughout New England.

"Next Eon took the time to truly understand my family's business, and went the extra mile to bring it alive on the web. We are very pleased."
     - Valerie Massone
        Owner, Richie's Slush, Revere Beach Parkway, Everett

 Richie's Slush

 Hog Wild Pig Roasts

Hog Wild Pig Roasts
Hog Wild is the original New England pig roast company for the tastiest, slow roasted BBQ dining experience you ever had.

"Since Next Eon designed our web site our business has been on fire!"
     - Dave Roberto
        Owner, Hog Wild Pig Roasts

Dolce Indulgence
A chocolate fountain provided by Dolce Indulgence will make sweet memories for any occasion. It's the affordable luxury you don't want to go without!

"Next Eon was incredibly helpful with writing content and giving our web site that exact look and feel to best promote our product."
     - Margie Roberto
        Owner, Dolce Indulgence

 Dolce Indulgence

 Continental Clean Air

Continental Clean Air
Continental Clean Air delivers the most technologically advanced indoor air quality services, tailored to the needs of each and every customer.

"Next Eon developed our web site, they update it, and they bring in search engine traffic. Our business has definitely increased as a result."
     - Mike Capillo
        President, Continental Clean Air

Most Blessed Sacrament Parish, Wakefield, MA
Most Blessed Sacrament Parish is a Roman Catholic Parish located in Wakefield, Massachusetts, serving Wakefield, Saugus and Melrose, Massachusetts.

"Next Eon designed our web site, wrote the content, took photos, and trained us to do our own updates. We love our web site!"
     - Clare Zeimetz
        Parish Business Manager, Director of Liturgy & Music

 Most Blessed Sacrament Parish, Wakefield, MA

 Backstage Hair Studio

Backstage Hair Studio
The knowledgeable and friendly staff at Back Stage puts your mind at ease and delivers absolutely beautiful results. At Backstage you'll truly be center stage.

"The Next Eon team did a great job of capturing the personality of my business, and they are extremely responsive with the site maintenance and upkeep."
     - Kristen Rothwell
        Owner, Back Stage Hair Studio

QTAS is more than just a call center. They are a business partner to keep you connected to your customers whether you're available or not.

"Next Eon hosts our web site and e-mail. E-mail is our lifeblood. On the rare occasion that we experience a problem, Next Eon is right there to fix it."
     - Cindy Reardon
        Director of Operations


 Synergy Associates, Inc.

Synergy Associates, Inc.
Synergy Associates provides unparalleled technical sales and service in the New England Marketplace.

"Our old web site was out of date and dysfunctional. Next Eon took what we liked about the old site and created a user friendly and attractive new web site."
     - Mark Koretz
        President, Synergy Associates, Inc.

City of Melrose Police Department
The old Melrose Police Department  web site needed a makeover. The client wanted a professional information resource with the necessary information right at your fingertips.

"Next Eon created a web site that reflects the unique spirit of community involvement of Melrose. We are very pleased with their work."
     - Michael L. Lyle
        Chief, Melrose Police Department

 Melrose Police Department

 The Chocolate Truffle

The Chocolate Truffle
The Chocolate Truffle web site needed improvement, updating and a more effective web presence.

"For the past seven years Next Eon has been an integral part of our online business. Their unique web design and support has been invaluable to the success of TheChocolateTruffle.Com"
     - Erin Calvo-Bacci
        Owner, The Chocolate Truffle

JP Communications
If it has to do with computers and networking JP Communications can fix it. But they called Next Eon to fix their broken web site.

"Next Eon helped me to communicate what we do by getting to know me and my business in depth, and presenting it in a beautiful, well constructed web site."
     - Jerry Pressman
        President, JP Communications

 JP Communications

 Boston Pets

Boston Pets
www.Boston Pets.com
Boston Pets provides convenient and economical products and services to pet owners, and the best possible nutrition and care for their cherished pets.

"Our web site is clean and to-the-point, exactly how I wanted it. Next Eon took the time to understand our business, and did a great job of promoting it."
     - Peter Ream
        Owner, Boston Pets

Heyck Design & Art Studio
Edith Heyck is a highly talented artist and graphic designer. This web site design is subdued and neutral to keep the emphasis where it belongs, on Edith's portfolio.

"Working with Nexteon.com allowed me to design the website I want to describe my varied art & design career. They are real professionals."
     - Edith Heyck
        Owner, Heyck Design & Art Studio

 Heyck Design & Art Studio

 SCT Travel

SCT Travel
SCT Travel wanted a site with a light tropical theme that showed the variety of services they provide. This site accomplishes those goals.

"Next Eon helped us communicate the message of how much you get with a knowledgeable travel agent that you simply can't get with some impersonal on-line travel site."
     - Denise Doyle
        Owner, SCT Travel

SMS Financial
SMS Financial wanted to combine the warm rich earth tones of their Arizona home with a successful, established and classy touch found in a respected big-city firm.

"We are very pleased with the way Next Eon designed our web site."
     - Orli Kaplan
        Account Executive, SMS Financial

 SMS Financial

 Bacci Chocolate Design

Bacci Chocolate Design
Bacci Chocolate Design is a local manufacturer of fine chocolate candies. We helped them design a site that showcases the richness and unique design of their chocolate.

"Next Eon has done an excellent job displaying our line of hand made chocolates creatively and attractively. We are delighted with the results."
     - Carlo Bacci
        Owner, Bacci Chocolate Design